Does Jock Culture Breed Bad Boys? Part 2


Does Jock Culture Breed Bad Boys? Part 2
The Steubenville Rape Trial is just one legal case involving jocks taking liberties without shame.

He would quickly learn she doesn't back down easy or would say Uncle any time soon. A damsel would be like a Bichon Frise. Athena has her guard dog. In my case, I've had a German Shepherd since I was five.

Jock culture and it's attitudes towards women, obsession with hyper-masculinity in a power play against hyper femininity, and narcissistic entitlement to take sex regardless of female willingness, is a complicated one. Generalizations are never 100% true 100% of the time but stereotypes exist for a reason. The problem with extreme beliefs about men and women is that these ideas miss the ambiguity in between. Not all jocks violate women. Not all Southern Belles are weak but rather tough smart Texas Roses.


Categorizing people may make life safer but at times alot less richer. Every once in a while you meet those who aren't defined by the limits of a psychological profile checklist. Eliminating a person before you truly get to know them shrinks the enjoyment possible in friendships. Having black and white thinking does that. I learned this only by personal experience.

One day I asked a man if he had been a jock in high school. When he said yes my heart dropped convinced that if we met he'd be mean or we'd be bored from lack of conversation. He fit all the criteria of the good-looking and rugged masculine jock who would treat me like an alien life form. I wasn't sure if I should meet him at all when he said he was from Coto de Caza. I wasn't afraid so much as I had a fixed thought in my mind that sticking to the cosmopolitan European types were best. A twist of fate gave me the chance to learn that assumptions really did make an ass out of me. Even though I liked him my behavior went on automatic and did the very things to send him running the other direction. Regrets are pointless but they teach us a very important point.

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