10 Bad-Boy Celebrities We’d Love to Date


10 Bad-Boy Celebrities We’d Love to Date
Although dating these certain breed of men is sometimes dangerous and stressful, it is fun!

6. Christian Bale: How are you not considered a bad boy when you play the role of Batman? Bale lost his cool on Terminator Salvation‘s director of photography Shane Hurlbut, TMZ. Leaving a strong image in the media.

7. Robert Downey Jr: It could be the possibility of being a super hero however, they all seem to be “bad boys.” Iron Man in particular has a past filled with a strong drug and alcohol addiction. He’s seen years in and out of rehabs.


8. Mark Wahlberg: This muscular Boston boy has spent his time in prison, and with his ballsy attitude who wouldn’t want to date him?

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9. Alex Pettyfer: The British I Am Number Four star has been known referred to as a psycho loose cannon by ex-Dianna Agron.

10. Shia Labeouf: Hollywood‘s bad boy has his ways of vulgarity, violence, and womanizing. His temper shows throughout the entirety of his bad boy image.

Would you date any of these bad boy celebrities? Share your comments below!


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