10 Bad-Boy Celebrities We’d Love to Date


10 Bad-Boy Celebrities We’d Love to Date
Although dating these certain breed of men is sometimes dangerous and stressful, it is fun!

By Meghan Fitzgerald

Dating bad boys is thrilling. Even if you end up in tears with a gallon of ice cream in front of you, we still tend to choose the “bad ones.” In Profiling Your Date: A Smart Woman’s Guide to Evaluating a Man, author Caroline Presno says, “Bad boys are like potato chips—after you have one, you want to nibble on more and more until you eat the whole bag and feel sick.” Although dating these certain breed of men is sometimes dangerous and stressful, it is fun. And sometimes ladies, we all need some fun. Here are some bad boy celebrities we’d love to date:



1. Ryan Gosling: With his powerful movies and stunning facial hair, who wouldn’t want to date this hipster bad boy? Even though his charming role in The Notebook can allude to the fact that he is a sweet guy, he’s not always. His roles in Drive, Blue Valentine, and Gangster Squad show his true self.

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2. Johnny Depp: This bearded pirate is a bad boy women would love to date! The American actor, film producer, and musician has broken all rules of Hollywood and has been crowned the Years Sexiest Man year after year!

3. Colin Farrell: A large part of Colin Farrell’s bad boy-ness comes from the release of his sex scandal in 2003. The Irish actor has a history of womanizing and excessive partying, a key part to being a bad boy.

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4. Jude Law: Having an affair with Sienna Miller and producing a love child gives this British heartthrob a serious edge. His scandalous ways with  have filled the tabloids for years!

5. Matthew McConnaughey: Flying solo, Matthew McConnaughey is tied with the bad boy image. The constant shirtless lad has been arrested for drug possession and disturbing the peace. This mate is a crazy party boy.

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