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Pope Francis: Will A Woman Ever Be Pope?


The vatican
What would be different if we had a woman pope?
How a female pope could improve women's health and safety.

When the bells rang at the vatican last night, Pope Francis was elected and traditions were broken. For the first time, the Roman Catholic Church elected a Jesuit and a Latin American as pope. But how long will it take to see more changes within the church? Will we ever see a woman pope?

Our friends at The Gloss take a look at the issues with prohibiting women from being ordained as priests — which makes them ineligible to become pope.

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From sexual violence to single parenthood, they weigh in on how women's health and safety could benefit from having a female in power.

See the argument at The Gloss: Why Can’t The New Pope Be A Woman?

How do you think the world could benefit from a female pope?

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