Khloé Kardashian & Lamar Odom Bring Home A New Baby?

Khloé Kardashian & Lamar Odom

Welcome to the family, Bernard Hopkins.

The Kardashian family just got even bigger: Khloé Kardashian has welcomed a brand-new dog into the fold, courtesy of husband Lamar Odom.

Khloé little sister Kendall Jenner broke the news on Instagram Tuesday night, when she posted a photo of the pup, writing, "@khloekardashian and Lamar's new baby! weeee"

That same evening, Khloé posted a photo of her own showing off the adorable little pooch named Bernard Hopkins. "Look what Lammy got us! Our baby boxer," she wrote on Instagram.

See the adorable pup's photo at Wetpaint: Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Get A New Baby?

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