Spring Break Ideas For Adults


Headed out of town? Here's how to enjoy yourself (minus the hangover).

Ah, spring break. It's one week a year when we dedicate to indulge ourselves by jetting off to tropical destinations, lounging by the beach, sipping on fruity cocktails and taking in all the eye candy galore.

As much as we would all love to run off to Miami Beach for spring break, let's face it: we're not in college anymore and most of us probably can't afford it anyway. You get wasted, get into trouble and you don't remember any of it … where's the fun in that?

Luckily, Spring Break isn't just about boozing it up. Think of it, instead, as a week-long holiday for you to catch up the rest and relaxation you totally deserve.

As alternatives, here are 10 ways to celebrate Spring Break on a date night with your significant other, on a girls' day with your single friends, or even by yourself. Hell, this year's Spring Break may turn out to be the best you ever had.

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