Relationship Advice: 5 More Things Your Mom Never Told You


Relationship Advice for Women
... but you absolutely should know.

4. Good-On-Paper-Guys Are Often The Ones You Need To Watch Out For
You've heard of sociopaths, right? Well, it basically goes like this: that guy your mom's best friend wants to set you up with — the one who's on the partner track at his finance firm, comes from a great family, and compliments your mom's even dubious fashion choices —yeah, well, he could be a big fat shady liar. Inside tip: beware the collection of white lies, those can actually be more character defining than one whopper.

5. A One-Night-Stand Doesn't Always Equal Doom
Don't get me wrong, I'm not necessarily condoning these. But there are times when getting caught up in the moment makes you feel alive, and can be exactly what we need (just be safe!). While I'm grateful my mom scared the bejesus out of me when it came to sex, as it's prohibited me from making a multitude of careless choices, I've realized as an adult you shouldn't beat yourself up if you act on said moments; what's important is that it's a moment you want to act on. Because who knows, maybe there's a reason you did. Fact: I've known marriages that have resulted out of a one-night-stand. Sorry, Mom.

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