Victory is sweetest when you’ve known defeat


Victory is sweetest when you’ve known defeat
Hard times in love? That’ll make the victory of finding your true love that much sweeter...

We had the honor and the privilege to be invited to the lovely home of one of our clients last weekend. We got to sit down with her and her soulmate husband, and to snuggle with their little baby too. It was so fun and yet so tender and meaningful for all of us… because we remember when she first started working with us about 2 years ago.

2 short years. Not that long ago, really.


She had tears in her eyes as she recounted her journey to soulmate love with us. As she spoke, I looked at her loving, adoring and kind husband, and her beautiful baby boy, started to cry myself…. and we all agreed the journey had been sooooooo WORTH IT.

“Here we are at her wedding!”

She had been married before and had a painful, hurtful ending to that marriage, had made some tough choices about her career, and was 40 years old, and thinking she would never have a child, though she dearly wanted one.

What was the thing that made all the difference for her? How did she do it?

Well, what she did was she took a good, hard look at her life, and saw that although her family was pressuring her to get married, her friends were also single and wondering “what’s up with men these days?”…she realized that they weren’t actually HELPING her. Maybe because they didn’t know how. They cared, but sometimes caring isn’t enough. This was especially tough for her to come to terms with, coming from a close Indian family – she was and is close to her family – and at the same time wanting to chart her own path in her life.

She decided that there must be more to life than just getting by, struggling to feel like herself, even as she had professional success (she’s a doctor), and it seemed like she should “have it all together” she didn’t quite feel that way.

She stumbled across us and decided that she was ready for help and support… she learned about our Love Breakthrough Course and though she had doubts, fears and worries, she just WENT for it, trusting herself, and trusting that the universe always had her back. She had never done a course like this before, but she registered very soon after she learned about it, jumped in and participated at her 100%.

And with the healing, the exercises, the information, and the tools provided in that course as a foundation, she began to love herself more, she decided to take her self love and learning further, joined us at a live Love Breakthrough Weekend, and became a committed student of soulmate love, and of being her real self, comfortable being herself.

Other than med school, she said she had never taken anything so seriously, but unlike med school, this was fun and easier than she thought.

She teared up as she and her husband -their lovely baby boy always in someone’s arms – walked around their home and showed us the areas in her home where other women in our community contributed to her new life, her being her real self, and how much our teachings changed her perspective, her experiences, and her life.

She even offered to be interviewed by us for women in the telecourse who are committed to love, but who might be afraid of their old habits, the “mistakes” they’ve made, and could use a dose of inspiration, and seeing that it’s really possible to change the direction your love life is going.

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