10 Hottest Shirtless Male Celebs ... Who Ranks #1?


Believe it or not, Channing Tatum (and his abs) only ranked eighth.

Um, are there really people out there who would rather see Piers Morgan naked than Michael Fassbender, Channing Tatum or ... anyone else?

888.com's Wink Bingo asked United Kingdom residents to vote for the hottest male stars who have stripped for the cameras. Not that they've all been shown "naked"—they were mostly just nearly nude. While Robert Pattinson, who stripped for a steamy Cosmopolis sex scene and Morgan made the list, none of these men topped it!

So, who's seven-spots-sexier shirtless than Tatum?

Find out at Wetpaint: Who Beat Channing Tatum On List Of 10 Shirtless Celebs?

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