Paying for Advice Can Cost You


Paying for Advice Can Cost You
Never put anyone else's mind above your own: The Buddha. Paid for advice can cost you more than cash

It might be a 'real' connection, as she states, but it is not 'real' fast, as she also states... The meditation ends with a statement to the effect of, 'Most people find that after listening to this, they meet their soulmate in a matter of days or weeks', and the cover has a quote from someone who met her boyfriend the NEXT DAY. I've had this CD for over a month, now, (as well as the book and her Releasing CD), listened to the full meditation several times... and while I'm still hopeful, I've not met a single person. So, I have to second Frangelica from CA -- recommended, but be advised that Kathryn's emphasis on how FAST you'll meet someone is only countered by her insistence on 'divine timing'. There IS someone out there for you... but don't take anyone's word on WHEN they'll show up.

A comment in response to this review dated December 20, 2012 had this to day:


I've had to remind myself to take Kathryn's examples with a grain of salt. It's wonderful to hear how fast manifestation can happen for some people but just because I haven't yet manifested that relationship does not mean I'm not taking the right steps or that I'm doing something wrong. Some things take more time for a reason. It can be painful to wait so long but I'm convinced now (6 *years* after first starting this work with her in a workshop) that just because 1000 other people had a particular type of experience (fast manifestation) doesn't mean my experience isn't just as valid, even if it's completely the opposite experience. This realization makes patience so much easier and enjoyable!

If anything, my biggest block was getting caught up in comparing myself and my experience to others instead of respecting myself and my experience as is, honoring it for exactly what it is and how it unfolds.

Maybe these two reviewers are also candidates to be called lazy by Alice and told that it’s their fault for still being single. Again, what is it? Divine timing or lazy for not meeting your soulmate just days after listening to this CD or are these people outliers? If so, PROVE IT. Doesn't the title of Alice's book not say PROVEN PROCESS? If anyone is going to use words like this then it's understandable they may one day be called on to really actually prove it. Or better yet … refund all the lazy people. Where is Judge Judy??? Oh wait ... she would probably call anyone who was left empty handed after buying into work like this an example of - a fool and their money are soon parted but I don't think she'd let the guru off the hook either. What are the rules on false advertising again from the FTC?

According to the FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection Division of Advertising Practices:

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