Paying for Advice Can Cost You


Paying for Advice Can Cost You
Never put anyone else's mind above your own: The Buddha. Paid for advice can cost you more than cash

I have now met someone very, very special. As a matter of fact, it happened the week after I did the process outlined in Finding Forever Love. My girlfriend and I were at a restaurant having a drink when a male friend of hers from elementary school recognized her . He happened to be with his best friend, and the next thing you know his best friend and I were talking and laughing, non-stop! And well, we've been inseparable ever since... and you know what? He is almost to the "T" exactly as I described him in the exercise you do in this book and as I envisioned when I did the "soul call."

I'm completely blown away! I haven't been this happy in years. I am in total bliss. He is so handsome and kind and complimentary and he is committed and marriage minded, pretty much everything that I had prayed for. I am being very cautious but I am ecstatic! We have that "crackling chemistry" Kathryn talks about and we just have a great time together.


Sounds great but then this comment appeared below it:

Are you dating or married???? I checked your profile and you posted a review dated December 25, 2012 about a Full body Massage DVD, where you claimed you have been married for 6 months (reposted below). In your post (above) dated December 9, 2012, you claim you just met someone special. Which is it? Something seems very fishy with a lot of these reviews. I am a big Kathryn Alice fan but I think some of these posts are FAKE.

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Full Body Massage - Learn How to Give a Massage - Tips & Techniques

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great DVD for learning at home, December 25, 2012
This review is from: Full Body Massage - Learn How to Give a Massage - Tips & Techniques (DVD)

My husband and I just got married 6 months ago. So we are newly weds. Lol Anyways my husband bought this DVD as a Christmas gift. I guess he wants me to try to massage him. Excited to try this out and see how it goes. =) I hope I can satisfied my husband.

In another Amazon review on Alice's other Kindle book “Manifest Your Soulmate: Call Forth the Love of Your Life with a Proven Process” dated July 5, 2010, one listener wrote:

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