Paying for Advice Can Cost You


Paying for Advice Can Cost You
Never put anyone else's mind above your own: The Buddha. Paid for advice can cost you more than cash

On that note about her meditations, Alice has stated that she is about using the Law of Attraction in her method. A quick listen to her "Manifesting Love" recording reveals an interesting choice of guided meditation dialogue. The language is very future oriented and are the words of waiting for someone to enter one's life. Even if you don't agree with Law of Attraction thinking, you probably have heard about a key concept in creating your reality from its many fans, which is to feel and speak as if the reality you want to have in your life is already here. In this sense, Alice's meditation by virtue of its linguistics appears to reinforce the identity, thoughts and feelings of someone single and waiting rather than coupled and content. Just saying.

Alice also teaches alot about releasing attachments to past relationships, romantic or otherwise, as it could delay your soulmate from showing up. She even has a meditation CD called "Releasing A Person" and a much more intensive and expensive "Ultimate Super Release Kit" to help you with that. Overall I totally agree that staying "hung up" on the past prevents the present and future from entering your life. In the initial stages of a break-up this is a very useful CD to use for a decent amount of time. Release and replace are key takeaways from Alice's work which I fundamentally approve of. Where I am not so in alignment is that Alice's method is adamant that attachment to a past partner can delay one's "soul mate" from showing up so one must release as fast as possible. In my opinion a divorce is like a death and each person's recovery is different. However, proper grieving is healthy as unhealed loss can come back to haunt a person later on.

One of Alice's sayings which she tweeted recently was: When you stop chasing the wrong thing, you give the right things a chance to catch up with you." In simple situations this is true. Remember the guy or girl in High School who only had eyes for a particular person and could not see anyone else and ending up losing out on a better person who liked them back? That is what Alice is teaching and that's a good thing. However, when someone feels the need to force themselves to "get over it" it may, for some, create resistance. And what you resist can persist. Suppression of emotions may lead to keeping them alive and fresh rather than allowing them to come up to be dealt with or healed. For many people, there are times when it's not so much release and replace emotions but giving them permission to rise up and out of you. The later requires feeling them fully and acknowledging how potent they are if not recognized and dealt with properly.

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