Paying for Advice Can Cost You


Paying for Advice Can Cost You
Never put anyone else's mind above your own: The Buddha. Paid for advice can cost you more than cash

A few details in the book itself did stand out for me though. The book is not sold on the author's site. Another thing that stood out in my mind was the author's own words in her teleseminars built around the book and her love attraction method that seemed contradictory. Occasionally Kathryn Alice holds free teleseminars which are inspired by her writings. This is where my curiosity had me notice some interesting happenings and comments from other readers. During one of Alice's teleseminars (which are occasionally offered free) a person asked if perhaps she should have her online profile updated professionally or try a mixer site after doing her workshops for a year with no soulmate showing up. The question asked Alice if a new approach would yield the desired result. Alice replied that no amount of external work will manifest a person's soulmate if they do not address their inner resistance to love. That was another instant that Alice also used the word "lazy" in response to the question. These contradictions in Alice's advice were a tad confusing. While all situations are unique it is possible that advice varies depending on the people involved.

On one hand Alice says that nothing can keep your soulmate from you. In her book she even gives the case study of the woman who followed a man she liked to his dates. Based on this "case study" the woman sounded like a stalker but she got her guy according to Alice. Then Alice says that attachment to a person will delay your soulmate. Wait a minute, wasn't what the woman following the man she liked a case of attachment to a person who turned out to be her soulmate after all? Which is it then? Other contradictory advice was how Alice writes about Divine Timing yet in other parts of the book talks about removing delays to love by releasing attachment (which didn't seem to be necessary to the case I mentioned earlier in this paragraph) because "one need not be that patient". Furthermore, Alice also advices people to keep calling in their soulmate in meditations (which she sells for yup to $20 a piece) but also talks of enjoying one's life as a single person. This makes sense until Alice in another section of her book states that the longer someone is single the more likely they are to become shutdown from lack of intimacy. Again, so what is the advice here? Is it... date whoever is the "right now" person to prevent you from shutting down or is that becoming attached to the wrong person which delays your soulmate since we all know that romantic involvement creates attachment one way or the other.

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