Paying for Advice Can Cost You


Paying for Advice Can Cost You
Never put anyone else's mind above your own: The Buddha. Paid for advice can cost you more than cash

Such statements could be categorized in the realm of "too general" to apply to everyone. While Alice and other Religious Science Practitioners may consider this line of reasoning a sign of "lacking faith and being too intellectual and closing one's heart to receive" it doesn't mean that such logic is invalid. I had discovered Alice's book by accident at a bookstore in Berkeley and still glad it came to my attention because its probably the only one in the "dating" genre that is inspiring overall. Alice's tone is light hearted, optimistic, and fosters hope, not false hope but maybe more trust that you'll be together someday ... to a point. Kathryn Alice has written, first and foremost, a book that is centered on being happy where you are and not focusing on changing the outer circumstances or conditions in a manipulative attempt to get love in order to be happy. Rather, this remains gem of a read about the inner work one must do to be at a place where they have a life to share and something to give to another from a place of balance and no agenda. At least that is how I read it. I still view the material the same with one exception - it's not the end all be all of books in its genre. No book is.

To be honest, I've used the strategies in this book more for cultivating friendships and at work since my job is all about people. However, a side benefit to Kathryn's work is that since finding this at the bookstore, since February 2012 every date I have been on seems to be with a man who resembles actors I find attractive, so Alice's manifesting techniques clearly work all too well in certain ways. Another side benefit to her guidance is its emphasis on honoring oneself and how friendship with an ex or romantic interest is a myth that can derail a person's chances of finding their right person. Had it not been for this lesson from Kathryn (who said in one of her webinars that when someone wants to be friends after a date, it's their attempt to keep you on the backburner, in case things don't work out with someone else. Therefore, Alice stated, this means they are NOT your soulmate for sure). Thanks to this advice I am sure I could have been one of those people who were "friends zoned" by someone and not been free to enjoy my life instead. For some, this ironic paradox of an incident, happened during the Create-A-Mate webinar and it's Target Dating: Date for Your Soulmate Kit that Alice was teaching. In one person's experience, they said no to being friends with someone they really liked, because they took on this belief hook, link, and sinker. In truth, their gut was pushing them to say yes but they overwrote the inner wisdom inside them and did the opposite. Now, they wonder what would have happened if they had listened to their own gut instinct instead.

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