Paying for Advice Can Cost You


Paying for Advice Can Cost You
Never put anyone else's mind above your own: The Buddha. Paid for advice can cost you more than cash
  • Daily meditation to Alice's guided mediations
  • Participating and doing her then $100+ Soulmate Bootcamp and/or Create-A-Mate webinar (to the letter) more than once
  • Losing 45 pounds and having a complete professional image and style makeover
  • Taking up dance so they are more comfortable in their own skin and "get their second chakra" going
  • Intentionally addressing any unconscious blocks through things like psychotherapy and clinical hypnosis with full committment
  • Making the effort to relate to others and go on 2-3 dates a week
  • Enrolling in those popular "flirting classes" if they were considered introverted in social situations


And were still single a year after "fully immersing themselves in her work".  While Alice's responses to such questions in her teleseminars appeared to state that this lack of a soulmate resulted from the person's lack of trust in "the Universe", perhaps it's not so simple as that. Sure, maybe in some cases lacking faith did block a soulmate from some people because their "fear" was impacting their "energy" from attracting in love, perhaps the reason they never manifested was not entirely due to their lazy and fearful mindset. Another possibility is that after so much effort it was a natural response after 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years or more without result that created a less than satisfied response within them and in regard to her work. Maybe it's my journalistic mind's analytical tendencies to see things this way but eventually the proof is in the pudding. Alice's website claims to be the fastest proven way to one's soulmate so it makes sense to see evidence to back up her claims.

There is much truth in Alice's response about how being lazy can impede one's romantic success rate. However, not every individual can see their own blindspots and may in fact feel they are addressing their inner blocks. When another participant asked if hypnosis would help remove such "inner blocks of resistence to love", Alice's reply was to just stick with her work. However, for some people, clinical hypnosis or EMDR can be a beneficial complement to personal growth work such as the material exemplified by Alice and I would personally be hesitant to dismiss other modalities if someone is committed to eradicating their internal blocks to a life they want. Alice's statement of "lonely in love due to lazy" may be a valid explanation of how some of her students are still single while others have found their soulmate quickly. However, this may not be a conscious or even intentional lazy on the person's part.