Online Dating Mistakes Men Make


Online Dating Mistakes Men Make
Dudes, avoid these cyber pitfalls

 Thinking your bathroom is a good photo backdrop
Online dating: It’s a phrase that used to be met with looks of puzzlement followed by concern, then massive amounts of judgment. Now, though, it seems that every singleton is attempting to find love through their keyboard, or knows someone who’s met their soul mate online. If you've tried and failed, fret not, guys, we’re here to help! Here are five things you’re doing totally wrong, and how to improve your online dating luck.

-- By Gina Cohen

So, you’re setting up your dating profile and you need a few good photos of yourself. Hey! You’re lookin’ pretty fine today -- why not just snap a quick pic of yourself in the bathroom mirror? Let us count the reasons why you should definitely not.

  • If you don’t have a single decent photo that someone else has taken of you, it makes us wonder what about you repels people.
  • If you’re shirtless for any reason, we're rolling our eyes.
  • If we can see the toilet plunger in the background, we visualize you experiencing violent bouts of stomach upset.

The best bet is a photo of your smiling face -- without sunglasses (or we’ll think you have pervasive Pink eye).

Being srlsy la-z

We get it -- you’ve sent out a million bazillion emails and rarely get a response, so why should you bother to make your first one stand out? Because other guys are, and they’re getting dates.

A few hints to a good response-generating email.

  • Actually read her profile before hitting “send.” Learn something about her besides the fact that she looks great in a tank top.
  • On the other hand, we don’t need a novel about who you are. That’s what your profile is for.
  • If your email’s too short, we don’t see the point in responding, so say something other than, “Hi. How’s it going?” Which, sadly, is still better than, “Hi howz it?”
  • If your email is full of grammatical errors/misspellings, you seem uneducated, even if you aren’t. Spelling matters to smart chicks. If you're unsure about a word, look it up, or bookmark pages like this and use them often.

The best first emails do three things: compliment her, mention something specific you liked about her profile, and ask a question.

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