Online Dating Mistakes Women Make


Online Dating Mistakes Women Make
Ladies,beware these common turn offs.

 Posting revealing pics
We checked with some of our favorite male counterparts to find out their biggest pet peeves about women when it comes to online dating, and we had to agree – sometimes we aren’t exactly putting our best foot forward. Here’s what we’re doing entirely wrong and how to fix it.

-- By Gina Cohen

If your photos show you wearing skin-tight minis and tube tops with boobage spilling out all over the place, you might look hot but you’re not making the best impression. Put away the duckface pic of you in Cabo wearing a thong, and stick with a photo of you wearing a smile -- and clothing that covers your choochoo, booboo.

Waiting for an email from Prince Charming

Listen, I’m a woman, too -- believe me, I know we want to be wooed. But don’t let your need to be desired keep you from looking around and -- gasp -- yes, even being the first to email. Don’t assume that just because you’ve looked at a guy’s profile he automatically knows you’re interested. In fact, it’s sometimes just the opposite: He assumes that you're not into him because you looked at his pictures and didn’t reach out. Maybe he was interested in you but now he thinks he'd be rejected if he made contact. So don’t be shy, say hi.

Discounting the shorties. And the baldies

You love wearing heels and you don’t love looking like a giant next to your man -- fine. But if you set your filters too tightly and suggest you’re interested in men only 6’0 or taller, you may miss out on a gem (Matt Damon, George Clooney and Brad Pitt are all under 6 feet tall, girlfriend). Give some serious thought to what you need versus what you want, and open your mind, lady! Also, consider the things in life that change over time. Character typically doesn't. Clothing choices? For sure.

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Fudging your age

Ever been out on a date with a great guy and he catches a glimpse of your driver’s license? Busted! If you’re pushing 40 but could pass for 32, just tell the truth. It’s time for us all to own our age. If you’re getting filtered out by guys looking for younger women, guess what -- you don’t want those guys. You want a guy who accepts and cherishes you, regardless of how many candles were on your last birthday cake.
Bringing up your exes

So your photos are great, you profile rocks and now you’re on a first date with quite the catch. Don’t blow it by talking about your ex. Guys don’t want to hear about how Mr. Previous was cheap or how he played too much World of Warcraft. Or, conversely, how great he was at, well, anything. Focus on the guy in front of you, and you may just keep him from being your next ex.

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