Is It Ok To Swear On A Date?


Is It Ok To Swear On A Date?
One in two Australians refuse to go on a second date with someone who swears like a sailor, accordin

 Women are found to be most offended by the use of obscenities with 48.3% saying this is enough to deny a guy a second chance. And ladies need to watch their mouth too with 39.3% of men declaring swearing to be the number one turn-off on a first date. spokesperson Howard James says, “In a culture where cussing and colouful slang is all part of being Australian, it comes as a surprise that for both sexes that when it comes to dating, the number one turn off is swearing.”

“Australians have never been known for shying away from profanities, but in the fickle world of casual dating, a potty mouth is grounds for dismissal.”

According to the survey of over 1,500 Australians, mobile phones and tardiness are the two biggest first date turn offs along with an A-grade potty mouth. 30.9% say they wouldn’t go on a second date with a cell phone junkie and 2.9% are turned off someone who keeps them waiting.

Surprisingly looks are not a major factor when it comes to considering a second date with only 19.2% unwilling to give someone another chance if they found their date to be physically unattractive. Personality on the other hand, appears to be much more important with the following ranking as the top 3 personality No No’s:

1. Negativity: 33.4% consider negativity a major turn off, so keep the food complaints and comments about your ex to a minimum. Research has proven that happiness is contagious and that potential dates find it hard to walk away from happy people.

2. Neediness: 27.4% of Aussies will refuse someone another chance at a date if they exhibit needy behavior. Surprisingly, women are more concerned by the thought of snagging a clingy partner than men, with 30% claiming this to be a major turn off, while only 22.6% of men fear a smothering woman.

3. Wild Behaviour: Aussies aren’t keen on dating someone who could be considered a ‘party animal’ either, with 12.4% claiming they wouldn’t give a wild date a second go. Interestingly, the introverts rated high in the opinions of Aussie singles, with only 3.6% saying they would be concerned by a date that was ‘shy’.

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“Clearly many of us are repelling our dates in ways we may not have not have even realised. So next time you make a negative comment about your dinner or pull out your phone, bear in mind that you may be ruining your chances of a second date,” Says Mr. James.

Mr. James says the following behaviours are guaranteed to impress and help secure a second date:

• Choosing exciting places for a first date. Romantic and physical attraction is linked with danger!
• Mirroring, or repeating someone’s body language.
• Show attentiveness by saying the person’s name at least twice during conversation.


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