Second Date Ideas: How To Make It As Amazing As The First


Avoid the second-date slump with these 6 ideas.

5. Visit A Fortune Teller
So what if you both think the occult is a bunch of hocus-pocus? It's still fun to have a fortune teller read your palm to offer insight into your past and present, as well as your possible future together. It's also fun to hear what a fortune teller will tell you about your date. Things get pretty interesting when it comes to hearing about each others' love lines.

6. Go Paintballing
Love is a battlefield, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun either. So break out your paintball guns and head outdoors together. It's not really a "do or die" mission, but after all that stalking and chasing each other around corners, you'll both be flush-faced, sweating and laughing … and isn't that how all dates should end?



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