Can an On-Again, Off-Again Relationship End in the Real Deal?


Can an On-Again, Off-Again Relationship End in the Real Deal?
Melanie Mar gives advice on whether or not an on-again, off-again relationship can end in marriage.

If your relationship is consistently on and off with someone who breaks up with you at his or her whim, then you will eventually have to up the ante. You cannot allow your ex to keep coming back into the relationship at the same level. You must stay strong and insist they commit to something deeper (i.e. from dating to girlfriend, girlfriend to fiancé, fiancé to wife). Otherwise, you have the potential to remain in this back-and-forth relationship for years with no intent of a full commitment from your partner.

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Ultimately, if the pull between the two of you keeps bringing you back together, there is a real reason for that. Finding someone with whom you have a deep connection is very difficult. Think about how many people you have been on one date with – even just a coffee – and the number is probably quite high. Now, think about how many people you have told you love, and it most likely drops dramatically. And now, think about how many people in your life who you have really been in love with, and my guess is maybe one or two.

So, with this thought in mind, if you have found a special someone that you have a true love connection with, iron out the kinks and commit 100 percent to the relationship. When two people are destined to be together, it will be, regardless of what obstacles get in your way.

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