8 Celebrity Couples Who Broke Their Engagements


Jay Baruchel & Allison Pill
Which once happily engaged celeb couples called it quits before making it down the aisle?

Sometimes, a long engagement is just a sign that two people are extremely busy with work and other responsibilities, and don't have time to plan a wedding, let alone set a date. But, as Newsroom star Allison Pill, 27, and her former fiance, Tropic Thunder star Jay Baruchel, 30, just showed by ending their two-year engagement, sometimes it's a sign of trouble in paradise.

The pair, who have been together since meeting on a movie set in 2010, announced their split to Us Weekly, following some lonely tweets from Jay. "Alone again, naturally," he tweeted, before deleting the cryptic message.

Of course, broken celebrity engagements are common in Hollywood—a place where relationships are deemed "long-term" if they make it past 90 days. How can we forget Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow's matching haircuts, wardrobes, and sad faces after ending their epic engagement? Not to mention the end of Bennifer, aka Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who went from boats and Bentleys to a big mess back in 2004. Check out the most memorable celebrity engagements gone wrong!

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