14 Signs That Show if a Midlife Crisis is Destroying your Marriag


14 Signs That Show if a Midlife Crisis is Destroying your Marriag
Your Midlife Crisis is Destroying your Marriage?Check these likely symptoms.

If you’ve already put your theory to test about members of the opposite sex finding you attractive, you may already have engaged or be engaging in an emotional or physical affair.
When you go out or come back at odd hours or receive telephone calls from “some person” you feel that urge for extra privacy so you take it in the bathroom. You don’t know why your spouse has to ask you questions like “who was that?”, “whose calling at this late hour”, etc. When you think about it, what makes your spouse think that you need to answer questions like, “where have you been?” “Who were you with?” , etc.

Anyway, you hate their underhanded sneaking around trying to find about your business. Even if they do produce proof like an inappropriate email or text message on your phone, how dare they invade your privacy? Anyway, you’re going to hold out admitting to the affair if you can get away with it.

Midlife Crisis Sign #7

You’re not really sure if you want your spouse to go on with life without you. Why should they go on to have a happy and fulfilled life when you feel so frustrated with your life? So sometimes you’re affectionate, not too often because you don’t want to raise their hopes too high. One minute you say that you just can’t live with them, the next, you’re getting them to make love with you. Or, you move out, but come back to check your mail and see the children.

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Midlife Crisis Sign #8

You really don’t want to deal with anything right now, do you? Why does your spouse want to bring you down talking about “issues” or “responsibilities”? You just want to feel good. Why does everyone keep asking to try to be reasonable? Maybe the solution is to avoid all these discussions and people. Why should do anything that you don’t feel like doing? If you’ve already formed a relationship with someone else, you’re sure that they will help run away from all these disturbances. If not, maybe it’s the new car, or going partying or clubbing. Alcohol and drugs also begin to draw your attention. Why not, you’ve been so responsible for so long and life is too short. If none of these work, you can simply ignore all of them.

Midlife Crisis Sign #9

You go to counselling with your spouse “just to make them feel better”. Anyway, you’re the real victim here. But you’ll just go along so that they won’t say that you’re not trying. But at this stage, you don’t feel like following up with anything the counsellor suggested and you feel that you’re spouse is nagging when they ask you to make some effort in that direction.

Midlife Crisis Sign #10


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