How To Bring More Hawaii Into Your Relationship


Couple in Hawaii
A new study shows Hawaii is the best place to live. Here are 9 ways to get there with your partner.

4. Take care of your health to ensure a long life together.
Hawaii is famous for its health care system, with its strong emphasis on preventative care, whereas West Virginia had the highest percentage of obsese residents in the nation and were more likely to be diagnosed with depression. The Gallop poll noted that certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act may help residents of lower ranking states to obtain health insurance and education about health issues. Take advantage of the wellbeing incentives that your health care plan offers, whether it's participating in a smoking cessation program or a weight loss education program. Recruit your partner for support in these efforts to make your healthy endeavors more successful.

5. Set financial goals together.
Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansa all landed in the bottom five for overall well being. The study notes that nearly all the states with the lowest well being are also the states with the lowest median household income.  Have an honest and open conversation about money with your partner. Learn how to manage your expenses and set financial goals together to avoid bickering and stress over money troubles. How to Deal With Your Finances & Your Relationships


6. Get some sunlight.
Though a Healthways spokesperson told ABC that weather was most likely not a factor in the wellbeing study, Hawaii is one of only two states in the country that does not observe daylight savings. Those extra minutes of daylight are sure to be a positive factor in the lives of Hawaiians. If you or your partner is struggling from seasonal affective disorder or depression, seek treatment from a licensed physican or consider experimenting with light box therapy. For more information, see Can Daylight Savings Hurt My Love Life? 

7. Get involved in the community.
Hawaiians are known for their collective family values and sense of community. Find a cause you and your partner believe in and consider volunteering , attend a city council meeting or join neighborhood watch committee together so you're working for a common cause while strengthing your bond. Visit to find your cause. 

8. Have fun.
Residents of Hawaii were most likely to rate their lives as "thriving" and experience daily enjoyment.  Make an effort to have fun with your partner by engaging in those joyful activities that brought you together in the first place. If you're craving a piece of paradise, do as the Hawaiians do and have your own little luau in your backyard. Break out the tiki torches and fuax leis and invite your friends over to feast on roast pork and maitais. Just remember to laugh and have fun.

9. Take a tropical vacation.  
If you can't beat em, join em. There's nothing like a romantic vacation for two to reignite the spark between a couple or replenish your inner sense of wellbeing. Whether it's a getaway to Hawaii, Florida or the Caribbean, there are plenty of affordable options for couples looking for some R&R in paradise. Check out, and Travelzoo for low fares.

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