10 Celebrity Moms Of Multiples


Jennifer Lopez and her daughter Emme
These ten star moms have their hands full with more than one celebrity kid in the house.

When news broke last week about the Texas mother who gave birth to two sets of identical twin boys—not quadruplets—without the aid of fertility drugs, the world took note. The odds of such a birth are one in 70 million, which means you won't be hearing this story again any time soon.

In honor of mommy Tressa Montalvo and her newborn sons Ace, Blaine, Cash and Dylan (let's hope that A, B, C, D thing helps the new parents keep the babies straight), we thought we'd reflect on some of Hollywood's hippest moms of multiples. Of course, most of these mommies did turn to fertility treatment to conceive their multiples and they have hired help to keep up with their rugrats. Ah, Hollywood mommyhood!

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