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Neon Trees
Exclusive! The "Everybody Talks" band plays matchmaker for the hottest single stars in music.

YourTango: Who should these single singers date: Taylor Swift?
Bradley: Hasn't she dated everyone possible? I think she's hit a dry spell.
Campbell: And we're saying that as fans. We love her and adore her, and the music and everything. She needs some "me time."
Bradley: Sometimes relationships get in the way of what she's really good at.
Allen: But then you wake up at 29, cold and alone ...

YourTango: Britney Spears?
Bradley: Is she even allowed to date anybody?
Glenn: Simon Cowell.
Bradley: Oh, that would be scandalous.
Glenn: Raw, sexual chemistry.


YourTango: Demi Lovato?
Glenn: Selena Gomez. I think they should come out and find lesbian love.
Bradley: That would be fascinating, because she just got of dating Justin Beiber, who people say look like a female secretary—depending on how his hair is done.

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