'Bachelor' Week 8 Recap: Who Went Home?


'The Bachelor' Sean Lowe
And then there were two.

Before his date with Catherine, Sean admits that he is worried that Catherine isn't ready to settle down, and that their lives are too different. However, early on in the pair's snorkeling date, Catherine tells him that in five years, she sees the two married and probably having a child. She also explains that she is traditional about relationships, and lets Sean know that she's worried she won't be seen as a lady if she accompanies him to the fantasy suite—a little surprising from the girl who made a "vegetarian who likes the beef" joke a few weeks back. The two discuss their mutual desire to simply talk without the cameras around, and then head off to the fantasy suite where we see them making the most of the hot tub together, the steamiest fantasy action we see all night. With no musical or visual innuendo from ABC this season, it only reinforces the born again virgin stories about Sean.

During a chat with Chris Harrison, Sean says he's already made a decision about which girl he’ll send home, and that he is beyond nervous to tell her. He then watches video messages from each of the ladies, and his facial expression is an immediate giveaway for which lady is about to get the ax.


At the rose ceremony, Sean reminds the ladies that this is the night Emily Maynard sent him home on The Bachelorette, and that her decision completely blindsided him, which makes him all the more nervous to let one of them go.

He gives Lindsay the first rose. Then, after what might be the longest pause in Bachelor history, he gives Catherine the final rose. AsheLee’s response is much more angry than sad, which is surprising from a woman who has spent so much of the season crying. As Sean walks her out to the awaiting car, she pushes him away. After he begs her to hear him out, he tells her that he thought she was the one from the beginning, and that this was the hardest decision he’s ever had to make. AshLee gets in the car without a word to Sean and tells the camera, "This wasn’t a silly game to me! This wasn’t about laughter and joking and having fun!"

While many viewers expected AshLee to be one of the final two girls this season, the Thailand date made it clear that she is just a little too serious and intense for fun-loving Sean. One thing's for certain—AshLee's surprising reaction to her dismissal has Bachelor fans on the edge of their seats for "Women Tell All" next week!

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