Drew Barrymore's 10 Most Famous Romances


Drew Barrymore
The hot Hollywood actress celebrates turning 38—her first birthday as a mom—on Feb. 22.

In the past year alone, Drew Barrymore got hitched and gave birth to her first child, daughter Olive. 

Ringing in a fresh start with her newfound family, Barrymore has plenty to celebrate. But looking back, it hasn't been all roses and sunshine for the hot Hollywood actress. Once young and adventurous, Barrymore spent nights drinking, partying in clubs, and partaking in illegal shenanigans—starting at 10!

Through her journey, Barrymore looped arms and swapped smooches with the likes of the industry's biggest names, both male and female. So, before we celebrate her new (calmer) chapter, take a look back at Barrymore's past whirlwind romances and Hollywood heartthrobs.

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