How Your Dog Can Boost Your Love Life


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Why should your love life go to the dogs? See how a canine companion can change your love life!

Head to the dog park

Sounds simple? That's because it is! Take your dog out to the park on a sunny weekend afternoon. Your pet will love the exercise and fresh air, and you'll love scoping out all the hotties with their four-legged friends. Let your dog play with another dog, and in the meantime, you can strike up a conversation with his or her owner. If they get along, it's the perfect excuse to suggest that the four of you play a game of fetch together. And if the dogs just so happen to get themselves (and the two of you) tangled up in their leashes … well, that's not your fault, right? It's just serendipity.


Shop the pet store

Do you have a pet store within walking distance of your neighborhood? Next time you shop there, be sure to bring your puppy! When you browse the aisles for a new batch of food, toys and accessories, ask that cutie with the Pitbull what he likes to buy. You'll have plenty to talk about, from your pooch’s favorite squeaky toy to which brand of doggy treat his Pitbull thinks is tastier.


Volunteer at a dog shelter

You love doting over your loyal pooch, so also why not help other pooches in need? Lending a helping hand – even just for a few hours a week – at a local rescue shelter, will allow you to bond with other doggy do-gooders over cleaning cages, playing with puppies, and planning charity dog walks. Not to mention, at the end of the day, you’re helping to save and nurture animals you love – dogs!

Schedule a check-up appointment at the vet

You wouldn't think that anything good could come out of Spot's $200 vet bill, but you might change your tune after meeting that cute guy and his equally cute (albeit, flea-bitten) Cocker Spaniel in the waiting room. The veterinarian's office can be a prime location to fuss sympathetically over other dogs and talk with their owners. And why not check to see if the veterinarian himself is single? Paging Doctor Stud Muffin.

Check out dog lover clubs and websites

If all else fails, you and your pup can sign up for a dog lover's club or dating site. Most are tailored specifically for singles who are looking to meet their mate. Check out some of these popular online dating sites:,,, and Whether you are looking for a playmate for your pet or you’re searching for a mate for life, you'll be able to find exactly who you are looking for – another dog lover. And if you’re too nervous to ask him out on an actual date, you can always set your pets up on doggy playdates (keyword here: "date").

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