Unlikely Love Inspiration From The 2013 Oscars Nominees


The 2013 Oscars Bradley Cooper
What this year's best movies can teach us about love.

Silver Linings Playbook
Last year's adorably charming romantic comedy featuring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper tells the story of two people in (literally) ill individual situations finding love together. Pat Solitano Jr. (Cooper) and Tiffany Maxwell (Lawrence) each have their own serious issues: Pat is has bipolar disorder and needs anger management, while Tiffany is a sex addict and widow. Though Pat initially uses Tiffany to show his estranged wife that he deserves to get her back, the pair are eventually united upon realizing they have healed as people because of one another. It's a tale that reminds us all how important it is to pick the people who help us become better people — not just the ones who are easiest. None of us are perfect, and when you can be with somebody who knows your imperfections and not only loves them, but also helps you change the ones you want to make anew, then you've found quite the keeper.

What did you learn about love from this year's movies?

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