Tonight On 'The Bachelor': Sean Lowe Heads To Four Hometowns

Sean Lowe

Watch a preview of this Bachelor (awkwardly) meeting the parents.

Now that Bachelor Sean finally sent resident evil queen Tierra packing (hallelujah!), he's down to his final four: poised 32-year-old AshLee Frazier, a personal organizer from Houston, TX; playful 26-year-old Catherine Giudici, a graphic designer from Seattle, WA; perky 26-year-old Desiree Hartsock, a bridal stylist from Northglenn, CO; and peculiar 24-year-old Lindsay Yenter, a substitute teacher from Fort Bragg, NC. Yes, the one who showed up on the first episode wearing a wedding dress. She's still around. 

Grab a helmet, Sean. From the previews of tonight's episode, it looks like the 29-year-old entrepreneur is in the hot seat with Lindsay's two-star general father. And Catherine's overly-protective sisters. And Desiree’s brother, who taunts him by calling him a “playboy.” How mature. Will they duke it out? Will Desiree’s brother cost her a chance at coupling up with Sean, and ultimately, the bling?

Join us for all the dates and heartaches as we live tweet tonight's episode @YourTango!

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