Mindy McCready Commits Suicide: A Look At Her Heartbreaking Life


Mindy McCready
The mother of two struggled for years with addiction and recently lost her boyfriend, David Wilson.

She faces more convictions

In July 2007, McCready was charged with misdemeanor battery and resisting arrest after getting into a fight with her mother. For violating her probation again, she was sentenced to a year in jail, two more years of probation, and 200 more hours of community service. In June of the following year, she was accused of falsifying her court-ordered community service hours. She was sentenced to 60 days in jail, but was released in October after serving only half her sentence. In December, McCready attempted suicide at her Nashville home by slitting her wrists.


She goes public with her substance abuse

McCready appeared on an episode of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew for her ongoing battle with drugs and alcohol. During filming, she suffers a seizure from the detox. Sadly, McCready is the fifth former cast member to die in the past two years, following Real World's Joey Kovar passing in August 2012.

She (unsuccessfully) tries to make a comeback in country music

For the first time in years, McCready released a new album titled I'm Still Standing, including the sadly-named single "I'm Still Here." Two months later, she was hospitalized for another apparent drug overdose.

She finds (and loses) love again

McCready began dating her record producer, David Wilson, and two years later the couple welcomed son Zayne, now 10-months-old. However, Wilson's suicide in January sent McCready into a dark depression and she was ordered to enter an in-patient facility for treatment. "Since boyfriend (David Wilson) shot himself she has been in bed for three weeks," her father said. "Sleeps all day. Drinks all night and is taking Rx drugs. Not bathing or even helping take care of her two children." Her sons Zander (who was once in McCready's mother's custody) and Zayne were placed in foster care, and it's unclear where the boys were at the time of her death. 


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