How To Cope With Your Partner's Depression

How To Cope With Your Partner's Depression

Find out how you can help the one you love and keep yourself happy during dark times.

Flood recommends showing this physically as well as vocally: "To signal with your attention, focus, and body language that you are willing to be present and just listen can be a very healing experience for him."

It's integral to your success as a couple to keep yourself happy, as well. Don't neglect yourself because you feel guilty for not performing every action of the day in order to benefit your partner. It's so important that you keep "taking care of yourself," according to Flood, "and be honest and verbal about your own feelings, needs and ability to take things in at any given moment. You can't always be a caregiver."

Being supportive as a partner is extremely significant, but keep in mind that you may not be able to fix things. And while you may want him to seek professional help, he may just say no. That doesn't, however, mean that you can't find help to cope with your feelings on the subject and in your relationship.

When it need, reach for help and let someone also be caregiver for yourself. And remember that both of you are in this relationship together, and that being truthful at all times will help keep things as healthy as possible.

Have you ever had a partner who experienced depression? How did you cope?


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