Empire State Building Hosts 3 Valentines Day Weddings


Valentines Day Weddings
Over 2.2 million people get married each V-Day, but only three couples can do it on top of the world

Valentines Day is a big day for love. And for three lucky couples, their romance-filled day was so huge, it took place 1,454 feet above Midtown Manhattan.

Yesterday, the Empire State Building hosted the 19th annual Valentines Day Weddings Event, "Love is in the Air" with event designer Preston Bailey to honor three engaged couples in personalized celebrations.

On the only day couples can marry atop the skyscraper, Preston customized the contest winners' weddings by season. Additionally, Preston wed his partner at midnight on the top of the landmark.

See the three couples whose dreams came true yesterday as they tied the knot on top of the most romantic building in the country.

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