Did Adele Finally Reveal Her Baby Boy's Name?


Could Adele's son share the same first initial as his superstar mom?

If we were grading Adele on her tattoo, this one would earn an "A"!

Adele proved she's rolling in the ink as she revealed a new tattoo of the letter "A" just behind her right ear.

The tattoo was photographed at the 2013 Grammys on Febraury 10.

It's unclear what exactly the "A" might stand for — since we doubt Adele would get her own first initial tattooed on her head — but we think we have a hunch.

Adele has stayed mum about the name of her 3-month-old baby boy with boyfriend Simon Konecki, but sources have claimed...

See the tattoo at Wetpaint: Did Adele Finally Reveal Her Baby Boy's Name?

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