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5 Ways To Fix Dry Winter Hair


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Repair your hair just in time for your date.
Don't let the harsh weather ruin your date-night hair.

Don't let the harsh winter weather keep you from letting your hair down and having a little fun.

Winter's wear and tear on your tresses make us want to throw up a quick messy bun or hide dull and damaged strands under a cozy knit cap.

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Putting a little time and care into your locks will transform them from flat and frizzy to sleek and glamorous, giving you that extra hit of confidence to brave the chill for a much needed date-night out.

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Nourish your hair back to a healthy, voluminous, silky shine with these 5 products.

Then, pair your sexy revitalized strands with your favorite LBD and things are sure to heat up.

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