How to Be a Fun Date


How to Be a Fun Date
Learning to step outside of your comfort zone could make for a much more positive dating experience.

Whether you stumble, trip or have a "blonde moment" in conversation, reacting with laughter will not only distract you from otherwise being mortified, it will help you recover and get the date back on track. Additionally, when your date sees how good humored you are, it helps them feel at ease and secure that you are comfortable with yourself, even in embarrassing situations.

Stop Being a Brat


Dates involve two people, not one. If you have a bad habit of calling the shots, being demanding or only considering activities that speak to your interests, it's time to get over yourself--and fast. Learning how to compromise or even relinquish calling the shots and letting your date plan things is a more effective way to approaching the dating game.

Of course that's not to say you shouldn't have an opinion about anything but make sure to be supportive of the date ideas your partner comes up with. Instead of being critical of any ideas that don't appeal to you, try to work with the suggestions and improve upon it, not shut it down from the get-go.

Men don't want to have to fight to have a good time with a woman. When the comfort zone can be expanded, it makes for greater flexibility when it comes to dating and could transform an initial spark into a full on flame.

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