Why Being Too Picky is Ruining Your Relationship


Why Being Too Picky is Ruining Your Relationship

3. Pointless arguments mean you spend a lot of wasted time being unhappy. By constantly wanting something different, something more, from your sweetheart, you’re bound to cause a lot of unnecessary disagreements. One fight leads to another fight, and before you know it, you forgot why you were arguing in the first place. Rather than constantly quarreling, look past your pickiness and remember why he makes you laugh or how he surprised you on your birthday last year. If you can’t think of anything good about your partner, you may be fussing over silly things to cover up a deeper issue.

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4. You miss out on the great aspects of your relationship – or a great person who could be your perfect match. When you’re too picky about the way your man folds his clothes or how your girlfriend chews her food, your mind becomes too crowded with negative thoughts to appreciate the happiness that your partner brings you. When it comes to meeting someone new, you should be open-minded towards everyone. Who knows, you may even find the person of your dreams in the most unexpected place! And even if the fling is short-lived, you can use the experience to improve your next relationship.


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