Why Being Too Picky is Ruining Your Relationship


Why Being Too Picky is Ruining Your Relationship

By Whitney Baker for CupidsPulse.com

When it comes to finding the love of your life, it’s important to know what you want. Even so, having a checklist that you refuse to deviate from means you could miss out on meeting Mr. Right. And if you’re already in a relationship, you may be looking past the good stuff about your man because you’re too hung up on the not-so-right things that you wish you could change. Below are a few reasons why being too picky is ruining your relationship. Pay attention and think about what you need to do before you sabotage your chance for love.


1. Demanding too much of your loved ones may drive them away. Smothering your sweetheart may lead to feelings of resentment and irritation, while constantly talking down to your cute coworker may make him see you as a nuisance instead of a potential partner. Whether you’re developing a new friendship or trying to improve your romantic relationship, be understanding and open about other people’s differences. See their unique personalities as a positive thing and help to foster their individuality.

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2. Nagging can be as harmful to your relationship as infidelity. If your significant other isn’t living up to your idea of an ideal mate, you may be tempted to ask him to make some changes. If he resists, this cycle could turn into nagging, the interaction in which one person makes a request over and over again, while the other person continually ignores it. According to an article in ‘The Wall Street Journal,’ every couple will face this issue at some point – and depending on how they deal with it, this form of toxic communication can be the end of a partnership.

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