Rachel Bilson Reveals What's Causing Issues In Her Relationship

Rachel Bilson

Is the 'Hart of Dixie' star to blame for the trouble in her love life?

Rachel Bilson, veteran of The O.C. and now star of Hart of Dixie, is on the new March 2013 cover of Women’s Health UK. She's now in her 30s, but still gets mistaken for things like a child lost in the airport.

If only we all had that problem! Her other issue a bit more serious, since—as she notes herself—communication is key in a relationship. Bilson and Star Wars star Hayden Christensen started dating in 2007 and got engaged in 2008. They broke up in 2010, but got back together.

However, Bilson revealed to the magazine that her skills in one area are causing a lot of issues.

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