5 Ways to Avoid a Bad Date Before It Happens


5 Ways to Avoid a Bad Date Before It Happens

3. Keep it short and sweet. Dating Coach and the author of the book Gratitude, Giggles & Grace, Tracy Fagan, recommends starting with a small investment. She says, “For first dates, only commit to coffee or a drink. You can make it through 30-45 minutes, no problem. If you commit to a full meal, you may sign up for more than you really want to invest.”

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4. Don’t go on a date immediately after a breakup. No matter how you feel after a breakup, going on a date right away is not a great idea. Take some time to reflect on and heal from your breakup before you end up chewing off your date’s ear talking about your ex. Powers also recommends not rushing into dates. He says, “Being in a hurry leads to desperation and lack of interest. To avoid a bad date it is important that you do not accept every date that is offered to you. Be selective and feel free to turn down a date if it doesn’t fit your schedule [or needs].”

5. Trust your instincts. According to Fagan, If something doesn’t feel right, it most likely
isn’t right. She says, “Even if you have agreed to meeting, and over the course of continued conversation, if the other person starts making you feel uncomfortable–politely–cancel the date. One of my dating mantras that share in my book says, ’You can’t make Mr. Wrong right and you can’t make Mr. Right wrong.” Similarly, Powers suggests, “Bail on a date if you’re just not feeling it. There is probably a good reason you were not feeling it.”