The Official Super Bowl 2014 Survival Guide


people drinking
Not a big football fan? Here's how to enjoy yourself on game day.

Seeing someone who's counting down the minutes to the Super Bowl, but you couldn't be less interested?

Perhaps you like other sports or you're just not big into the competitive behavior lots of folks display during playoff season, but regardless, your partner is still expecting you to join in the football festivities.

A new survey from dating site It's Just Lunch, revealed The Big Game may not be the best place for love — with men being glued to the TV and women hoping to socialize at the party.

Here's one helpful bit though, both men and women felt the most appropriate moment for a kiss was at high-emotion moments of the game, during a touchdown or at the end — whether his team wins or loses. During the national anthem and halftime though? You're on your own.

We've got you covered with lots of tips so you can still enjoy yourself — and help him keep positive even if his or her team (gasp!) loses in the end.


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