Creative Proposals for Not-So-Creative People


Creative Proposals for Not-So-Creative People
If you're looking to get engaged or are ready to propose, here are some great proposal ideas!

At the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve, let your girl know that you want her to begin the year as your fiancée. Get down on one knee in front of all of your family and friends and bring out the ring!

Disappointing Christmas Present


For Christmas, buy your bride-to-be an impersonal gift, such as a pair of slippers or a hollowed out book. Slip the ring inside the gift, and think of a way to get her to reach inside. For example, if you choose a book, tell her to turn to a specific page.

Box of Chocolates

If your plan is a Valentine's Day proposal, nothing works better than a box of chocolates! Open the box in advance and either replace a chocolate with the ring box or tuck the ring into one of the candies. If you put the ring in a candy, make sure it is easily seen. As soon as you know she has seen it, get down on one knee and pop the question! Regardless of how you decide to propose, consider having a friend with a camera nearby. This is a day you won't want to forget!

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