5 Genius Ways To Combat Winter Beauty Problems


Winter Beauty Problems
Look your best on date night, even in the most freezing of temperatures.

As I got ready for a date last night, I started to second guess everything I had on. Sure, the top is nice and looks great with the jeans, but am I going to freeze? I looked into my coat closet; I had my heart set on wearing my favorite black coat. But then my eyes wandered over to my warmer, bigger coat. Am I really going to have to waddle over to meet him in that puffy jacket? I miss summer.

Frigid temperatures are back, and is it just my imagination or is the coldest it's ever been? In addition to our commutes, errands and breaks to get fresh air, dating also can take a hit from this less-than-favorable weather. But why should we feel unattractive in an effort to stay warm?

Here are the best ways to survive frigid temps and start looking and feeling good again on date night.

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