Can Two Gay Men Raise A Baby? Karl Lagerfeld Doesn't Think So


And we prove him wrong.

A study from Stanford University supports this claim, proving that children brought up straight parents and those raised by gay parents did equally well in school.

In fact, children raised by gay parents are more well-rounded, according to researchers at Tufts University School of Medicine. "Some studies showed that single heterosexual parents' children have more difficulties than children who have parents of the same sex," Ellen C. Perrin, professor of pediatrics at Tufts said. Her research found that the children raised by homosexual couples did better in the areas of discipline, self-esteem and also had less psychosocial issues both at home and at school.

The scientists have spoken, Mr. Lagerfeld. Children raised by same-sex couples (whether they're two women or two men) do just fine, if not better, than children raised by straight couples.

What do you think about Lagerfeld's statement? Does a child need a mother?


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