4 Celeb Couples With Red-Hot Sex Lives


Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde
These hot Hollywood pairs don't need any help in the bedroom!

Whether you've been married for decades or dating for just a few months, keeping the spice alive in the bedroom is an absolute must for any couple. All too often men and women get comfortable, bored or just plain too busy to make time for sex—particularly the kind that you're craving.

"Experts across the board agree that a fulfilling sex life is an important part of a fulfilling relationship," Aditya Singh, says. It was with this in mind that he and his business partner, Bryden Ferrato, founded an innovative service called Spicy Subscriptions, which sends "spicy subscribers" a box of bedroom toys and other sexy items on a monthly basis. "While our products are also singles-friendly, the majority of our subscribers are in relationships and are loving the discreet package that arrives each month to help them enhance their sex lives and keep their relationships going strong." The Spicy Subscriptions team includes relationship and sex experts who curate the Spice Box every month to make each month a unique and different experience.

While mum's the word as to whether any celebrities are subscribers, Singh agrees that these four celeb couples are walking examples of the key role that a healthy sex life plays in maintaining a healthy relationship. Keep reading to learn which celeb couples have red-hot sex lives and the secrets they've spilled about them!


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