Single On Valentines Day: A Girlfriends' Guide


girl friends drinking wine
Not the Hallmark type? We aren't either. Here are some ways to celebrate V-Day with your gals.

It’s the worst kind of Valentines Day: you're not in a relationship and you don't even have a date. Bring on the sickly sweet rom-coms and Ben & Jerry's, right?

Wrong! This day of lovey-dovey cards and stuffed teddy bears isn't always the happiest of holidays, but we often forget that it's a day to celebrate friendships as well.

So instead of sulking at home in your sweatpants, why not round up a group of your best girlfriends for a Valentines Day celebration single lady style? We've got some ideas.

Oh, and if you're hoping for a special someone to celebrate Valentines Day with next year? Here's a great way to plant those seeds now.

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