Manti Te'o: How Are We Still Getting Catfished?


woman shocked at computer
A college football star has allegedly fallen victim to the oldest trick in the Internet dating book.

Even worse, Te'o claimed to have known Kekua for more than a year; if their connection really was authentic and deep, wouldn't an in-person meeting be appropriate? Therein lies the issue in Catfish-like situations (one party is adamant about face-to-face while the other is evasive). But even a Skype session can verify that the person on the other end of the computer is, in fact, whom they claim to be. And if the refusal to do even that exists, the suspicion should arise.

Of course, theories have emerged since the story broke: that Te'o did it for publicity, that he might be gay and used Kekua as a coverup, etc. Whatever the true explanation might be, I find it hard to believe that a big football star — let alone any of these Joe Schmoe’s MTV comes across — can be duped by a Catfish situation today.

Why do you think people are still getting Catfished today?

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