Which Sexy & Single Actor Will Become A Dad Next Month?


Although single now, this action star has a little one on the way!

One Oscar-nominated star is reportedly expecting a baby with an ex-girlfriend. The two weren't that serious, an insider told Us Weekly, but apparently they were serious enough to do the deed. The woman isn't officially named in the story, although they do mention one of his exes, actress Jess Macallan, with whom he had a four-year relationship until 2010.

Anyway, the pregnant ex is supposedly living in his L.A. home and due to give birth next month.

The star was overheard talking about his impending fatherhood with actress Eva Longoria while on the smoking patio at Sunday's Golden Globe Awards. Witnesses spilled the beans, so if he was trying to keep this private ... sorry, man. Baby's out of the bag. So, who's the soon-to-be father?

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