Join Our #MirrorFreeMonday Twitter Party on January 28!

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Let's ditch the mirror for a day.

How many times a day do you look in the mirror, fix your makeup or stress about your hair. What if you didn't do any of that for a day? How would you feel?

We love that Katie Couric and Courteney Cox are fans of going makeup-free. And, to celebrate inner beauty we're doing a mirror fast here at YourTango at the end of the month. Yes, that's right, no looking in mirrors for a full day. Are you with us?

In addition to avoiding our reflection, we're gearing up to share a lot of great tips, from how a bad body image can ruin your sex life to how to embrace your post-pregnancy body. Join the party and get ready to chat with us about the mirror, body image, inner beauty and self-confidence.

Here are the party details:

When: Monday, January 28, 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. EST


Who: @YourTango and @YTExperts will be hosting the party

How: When the party starts, click #MirrorFreeMonday or search for it in the Twitter search bar (make sure you select "All Tweets" to see everyone's tweets)! You can also use a tool such as TweetGrid to follow the conversation. To ask a question or post a response, you must include the hashtag #MirrorFreeMonday in each of your tweets, or we won't see them.

Why: Confidence is everything. It's time to start loving you!

See you at the Twitter party!

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