How Celebrity Moms Keep an Active Dating Life Read more: http://


How Celebrity Moms Keep an Active Dating Life  Read more: http://

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Dating as a single mom is never easy, especially if you’re trying to balance a busy career with raising your children. Even for celebrities, who have luxuries that not all single moms can afford, it’s still a tricky thing to manage. The famous faces below have figured out a few ways to find love while still playing the most important role of their lives:


1. Make It a Family Affair: Before she got hitched, Reese Witherspoon was often seen with Jim Toth and her kids from her marriage to Ryan Phillipe. Rather than try to make time for romance and family, she simply included Ava and Deacon on her dates. The newlyweds even took her children on their honeymoon to Belize!

Michelle Williams has taken a similar approach in her relationship with Jason Segel. The couple is constantly seen with Matilda, Williams’ daughter with Heath Ledger, and they even split their time on both coasts based on the little girl’s school schedule.

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2. Date a Blast From Your Past: Sometimes, it’s easier to date a guy from your past instead of searching for someone new. Denise Richards, mom to three girls, took this route, dating Heather Locklear’s ex Richie Sambora. While it may have ruined her friendship with Locklear, she is still in an on-and-off relationship with the rocker.

Perhaps taking a cue from her former friend, Locklear, who has a daughter with Sambora, dated Jack Wagner, her co-star from ‘Melrose Place,’ for over four years before ending their engagement.

3. Meet Your Match on Reality TV: Emily Maynard, single mom to daughter Ricki Hendrick, has tried not once but twice to find love on reality television. First, she won the heart of ‘Bachelor’ Brad Womack, only to end their engagement a few months later.

Rather than give up, Maynard tried again, becoming the most recent ‘Bachelorette.’ She accepted Jef Holm’s proposal, but they too broke up less than three months after the show ended. Despite this double dose of heartbreak, she has no regrets because she says she did fall in love with both men.

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